Message from Kap Caesar
Barangay Loyola Heights turned 39 last june 2014. I turned 7 years as your Punong Barangay last December 21, 2013.

I humbly accepted the will of our community and the post of Punong Barangay with a lot of ideals as well as trepidation. But I pursued these ideals with a deep passion and a forceful drive.

Things fell into place, but not necessarily in the speed that I hoped they would. It was like scratching the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Like going through the layers of an onion, I was able to address one problem only to find out that it was just a manifestation of even more deeply rooted problems. For the first couple of years, it was a process of unraveling the root causes of the many challenging situations, chipping off at the...
Quezon City Hall has brought its Operation Birthright closer to practically every home in need of registering a school-age child with no official birth record. Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte launched, in time for the opening of classes this month, the school-based project “You Have the Right to Have a Name” at...
The onsite registration will be held every Wednesdays-Fridays in QC public elementary schools. To be given priority for late birth registration are those enrolled in Grade I and from indigent families, and also children in need of special protection.
Our Lady of Pentecost Parish
Address: View Map
Telephone: 434-2397
Priest: Fr. Dennis S. Soriano
Year Founded: 1999
Email: ourladyofpentecost...
Site: www.ourladyofpente...
Mass Schedule: View
Our Lady of Pentecost Parish was founded on May 23, 1999, by Jaime Cardinal Sin, who appointed Fr. Steven Zabala as parish priest. It was a parish that started with no structure, not a lot, no church, no office and no convent.
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